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angle grinder disc for cutting materials

A dozen cutting disc for grinder

Cutting disc for grinder is necessary tool. Hard substance likes metals, rods, concrete are tough enough to handle but angle grinder make it smooth. Here come the important parts of cutting disc. The cutting disc for grinder can give these hard items nice shape.

You will find different types of angle grinder discs online and offline markets, and their different uses. But don’t be confused! Here is a look for you a dozen Cutting disc for grinder.

Angle Grinder Disc Definition

According to Collins dictionary angle grinder is a handheld power tool with a rotating abrasive disc, used for cutting, grinding and polishing. The disc is here the important part.

Choosing the best disc is also important. The best disc is the one which perfectly fit in an angle grinder and rotates at random speed to perform cutting and polishing operations very smoothly.

Here is a question. What is the perfect spin count for grinder disc? The answer is, if any angle grinder disc or wheel spins at anywhere from around 2,800 rpm to 12,000 rpm, it would be perfect. But you should have bear in mind some other factors also. The basics are brand name, discs usages, its life time and materials.

Let’s checks different types of cutting disc for grinder.

12 Angle Grinder Disc Types

You will find a lot of disc available near to you. But before taking any decision consider few basics.  Large and small variations of those cutting discs are to be had to fit the dimensions of your angle grinder. For standard purposes, don’t forget a bigger disc. For specified work, don’t forget a smaller disc.

Disc for grinding or grit

It makes experience to talk first about grinding discs, moreover called grit discs for angle grinder.

grit disc

These are the discs you need if you want to grind metal or stone. Each angle grinder disc features an abrasive compound collectively with grains and a bonding agent.

You can choose a higher or lower grit counting on how splendid or coarse you want the abrasive grains to be. You may want initially a low, coarse grit to rush through the beginning of a task, and then switch to a bigger grit for a smoother finish.

Disc for cutting materials

Now we are moving a different part of cutting wheel or disc. These types of cut-off discs, also known as parting wheels.

metal cutting disc

Choose this type of slim, tapered wheel if you want to lessen metal stock. You will find out variations in thickness for lessen-off discs. There are tradeoffs each way. The thinner the disc, the greater effects it may slice into metal.

But thin abrasive discs are brittle and additional liable to breakage. The thicker the disc is, the sturdier it`s far, and the a good deal much less possibly it’s miles to warp or fracture at the same time as you are using it. So, you could need to weigh those professionals and cons whilst deciding on your lessen-off discs.

In each case, however, attempt now not to push too difficult or too fast into the metal. Doing that handiest makes it more likely you could damage the art work and shatter the disc you are using.

Diamond Cutting Discs

If you’re operating with masonry or stones, a normal grit disc or cut-off disc won`t cut. You will want a diamond reducing disc that is an advanced alternative.

diamond cutting disc

As the call implies, diamonds grits are embedded into the rims of a metal disc. As diamond charges a ten at the Most hardness scale, it makes for green reducing of concrete, tiles, stones, etc. It additionally gives outstanding durability.

So, with a diamond disc, you could paintings extra quick and easily, even on more difficult metals. It will value you extra to buy diamond discs, however they need to live longer than others, making them extra value-powerful in the end than they’ll to start with appear.

Wire Wheels

One of the maximum distinctive-searching varieties of wheels you may get to your angle grinder is a wire wheel. You can use a wire wheel to eliminate paint or rust from metallic.

wire wheel

You can also polish tough metallic with a twine wheel—however hold in thoughts that on softer materials, the use of a wire wheel is much more likely to cause scratches than an easy finish.

Instead of providing a slicing or grinding disc, this wheel consists of clusters of bristles sticking out in a radial formation. These bristles can be slim and straight, or they might be thick and twisted.

Paint Stripping Discs

A cord wheel isn’t your most effective choice to eliminate paint. An opportunity wheel to don’t forget is a paint stripping disc.

paint removing disc

 If you’re operating on a cloth like wood, fiberglass, or gentle steel that you may come to be scuffing with a normal cord wheel, a paint stripper can be greater suitable.

Instead of cord bristles, a paint stripper wheel capabilities poly-fiber material. It gets rid of paint with efficiency, however ought to now no longer scratch or scuff the underlying surface.

You can also use it to eliminate epoxy or different residues.

Polishing Pads

You are probable thinking with the aid of using this factor whether or not there may be a form of disc designed with the precise motive of sprucing in mind.

polishing pods for angle grinder

Actually, what you’re seeking out is a sprucing pad, which is likewise referred to as a buffing pad.

A range of various styles of sprucing pads are at the market. You will want to pick a fabric this is proper for the floor you’re operating on.

For best surfaces including sprucing your car, get a buffing wheel fabricated from wool. It is critical to take it gradual whilst you are sprucing.

Bigger angle grinders are much more likely to provide you speeds which can be appropriate for the job.

Concrete Grinding Disc

With the proper discs, your perspective grinder can’t best take care of metallic however may even grind or polish concrete.

Cutting concrete with angle grinder
concrete grinding discs

There are diverse shapes of concrete grinding wheels and numerous grit substances. You can locate wheels with silicon carbide grain or diamond grit.

The diamond cut disc is the maximum broadly used kind considering it may be used on loads of substances and are long lasting.

Along with tough abrasive substances, those wheels are manufactured from strong substances via and via like long lasting fiberglass.

Although a concrete grinding wheel can provide excellent longevity, those difficult discs in the end put on down. An antique disc will become an increasing number of probable to chip in the course of use.

Wood Cutting Discs

 A couple of instances now, we’ve got stated grinding or slicing timber the usage of an angle grinder. But as you already know, pretty some varieties of discs are best appropriate for tougher materials.

wood cutting disc

If you try and use them to reduce or carve timber, you may come to be adverse your project.

So, is there the sort of aspect as a timber slicing disc? The solution to that query is “yes.”

Woodcutting discs usually functions a toothed, round blade. You will observe the suggestions are regularly tungsten carbide. The purpose producers use carbide suggestions for timber slicing discs are due to the fact carbide is exceedingly hard.

What varieties of timber can timber slicing discs handle? You need to have any trouble reducing an excellent disc via pine, cherry, walnut, oak, mahogany, maple, or every other timber you could name.

Wood Carving Discs

If you need to convey carving, shaping, and grinding into your woodworking, you could want to head past wooden slicing discs to buy wooden carving discs as well.

wood craving discs

These discs additionally generally consist of carbide tooth. But rather than a flat disc, a wooden carving disc has extra of a donut form to it.

This kind of disc is specially best for developing a concave floor—say, for example, in case you are carving out the indoors of a timber bowl. Keep in thoughts that operating on wooden is a chunk extraordinary from operating on steel or concrete. Those substances are normally homogenous.

Wood, on the opposite hand, has herbal contours and knots. When operating with a wooden carving or slicing disc, you should take care now no longer to permit your device trap on abnormal capabilities like these. Some wheels are extra susceptible to this than others.

Thin Metal Steel Cutting Discs

These kind of thin metal steel cutting discs are expert device for industrial or occasional use. It can be 41/2″ / 115mm slicing disc. This Cutting discs appropriate for all 41/2″ angle grinders and appropriate for slicing an extensive variety of substances inclusive of stainless-steel / metallic / copper / brass / aluminum etc.

metal cutter disc

A thin metal disc (1mm) which makes it less complicated to reduce via the substances as there’s much less floor vicinity being reduce permitting loads smoother reduce.

The discs are marked as stainless-steel slicing discs as stainless-steel is called the most powerful tool so if it’ll reduce this then it’ll reduce quite much anything.

Metal pipe cutting wheels

3M Silver Grinding Wheel is suitable for many metallic works. It is designed for high-performance metal cutting while helping reduce your abrasive spends.

pipe cutter disc

It is designed to easily cut through carbon steel, stainless steel, mild steel, aerospace alloys and more.

It has various usages of many industries. It can quickly cuts through metal pipes, tubes, flat sheets and more in shipbuilding, rail, and general metal fabrication as it designed for use with pneumatic or electric grinder tools.

Aluminum Oxide or Flap disc

If you are thinking about sanding the flap disc is perfect for you. These are like grit disc but it can make thing finer. It is actually Aluminum Oxide disc.

Concrete cutting blade for angle grinder
flap disc

This type of disc uses abrasive (usually Aluminum Oxide) that is similar to a grit disc, but a whole lot finer. The predominant distinctive right here is that in place of an unmarried flat piece, the flap disc is made from more than one layers of overlapping abrasive sheets referred to as flaps.

Sometimes those are called flap wheels, even though that call is greater suitable for a radial flap wheel which you use on a drill or rotary tool.

The use of flap disc

There are different uses of a flap disc these are:

  • Removing minor imperfections
  • Polish the surface
  • Remove rust
  • Better than regular grit disc
  • Auto shops, metal workshop, fabrication sector can use it.
    • Iddustrial uses
    • personal uses

Caution: beware of overheating.

So what is alternative? Here comes ceramic sanding disc. You can check this disc also.

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