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How to change blade on angle grinder is common question.

How to change blade on angle grinder 

Are you want to know how to change blade on angle grinder?

Angle grinder blade changing is a very easy task. You Don’t need to worry about it. You can  change the blade on the angle grinder step by step. I am telling you the steps here. 

So, you know, what is an angle grinder and what the blade is used for. Angle grinders are widely known as versatile tools that are used in construction industries and by homeowners to cut, grind, or sand through hard materials.

Angle grinder changing techniques

There are various types of angle grinder and blades in the market. You have to choose the right one depending on what material you are cutting. The blade is made for cutting materials such as wood, concrete, and metal.

I personally want to give the important tips here to choose the best blade, which is useful and handy. Always bear in mind about personal safety.

Buying the right blade you can avoid personal injury, and replace it when it is old and phased out.

So, the question is how to change the blade on an angle grinder? The answer is follows:

Take Safety first

Be prepared for everything. A simple machine like a grinder can prove dangerous. So, take your Safety, Use a mask for dust. Use safety gloves and glass for eyes. Take necessary tools close to you. 

Unplug your grinder

Old or rusty blade cuts could be harmful. So, before replacing that you should buy a new one. If you Don’t have that, always try to use blades that are in good condition.

Unplugging grinder from cord

If you have a corded grinder then you should unplug it. If you have a cordless angle grinder then remove the battery before you change the blade. This is the most basic and fundamental step.

Never forget to do it. If you  follow it, there is always the chance that you could accidentally turn the grinder on while removing the blade.

Screwdriver is your friend

Changing the blade on an angle grinder,  a screwdriver is an important tool. Before attempting to remove the blade, ensure the blade guard is removed first for easier access.

how to change blade on angle grinder
Are you want to know how to change blade on angle grinder?

Depending on the model, the blade guard can either be loosened by unscrewing the retaining screw, or released by pressing the latch.. 

Listen, not all models are made the same. There are some different models. If you find your model different then carefully read the user manual. You would definitely find the blade changing guide.  

Gently push lock button

Press the blade lock button and maintain it in the activated position. With one hand still on the button, invert the grinder so that the grinding wheel is facing upward.

loosening the nuts

Utilize your other hand to try to rotate the wheel. The wheel is secured if it remains stationary.

Once the wheel is in motion, be sure to re-engage the locking mechanism. This can usually be found on either the upper right or left side of the grinder, though it may be located near the trigger or on the underside.

Use your wrench

Utilise the wrench given to rotate the arbor nut counterclockwise. Many grinders come with a wrench, some of which may have prongs.

If your wrench features prongs, there will be a hole on both sides of the arbor nut. Insert the prongs into the holes and rotate the nut counterclockwise.

If the factory-provided wrench is no longer available, utilise a pair of Vise Grips to loosen the arbor nut. Firmly grasp the nut with the Vise Grips and rotate counterclockwise to remove.

Final stage

Now, you are in the final stage to replace your grinder blade. After removing the arbor nut, detach the old blade, then put the new blade in place.

Replace new blade in a grinder

Carefully secure the arbor nut with a wrench or Vise Grips, being sure not to over tighten it, just enough to keep the blade in place.

Workflow of How to change blade on angle grinder 

  • Buying a new grinding blade or grinder disc.
  • Take your safety measures. 
  • Unplug or remove the battery of the grinder.
  • Unscrewing the nut.
  • Remove the blade guard.
  • Press the blade lock button and unlock the old blade.
  • After removing the arbor nut, place the new one.
  • Secure the arbor nut with a wrench and tight it. 

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