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Grizzly table saw

Grizzly Industrial Table saw G0651-10 review, Grizzly Table saw one of the best saws

When it comes to woodworking, having the right tools is crucial for achieving precise and efficient results. Amongst the plethora of available options, the grizzly table saw stands out as a top choice for both professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike.

Grizzly Industrial G0651-10″ 3 HP 220V Heavy Duty Cabinet Table Saw

Brand: Grizzly Industrial
Blade Material : High Speed Steel
Surface Recommendation: Floor
Power Source: Corded Electric
Included Components: Bare-Tool

About this item :

Motor: 3 HP, 220V, single-phase
Amps: 13
Blade tilt: Left, 45°
Table height from floor: 34-7/8″
Table size with extension: 27″ x 75-3/4″

Why you choose it?
Offer one of the largest selections of wood and metalworking machines in the industry.
Provide excellent U.S.-based customer support and technical service.
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Reviews :

According to amazon reviews, It is loving day yo day prfuct. Customers are very pleased wth the ordering process, the delivery, and the quality of the saw. This was easy to assemble, very powerful and extremely accurate. 30 days in buyers changed the blade to one from Freud and did notice better cut quality and ease of cut, but the factory blade was actually decent.

They recently did a lot of back and forth swapping to/from a Dado blade setup and was very pleased at the ease of changing the blade and the accessibility in being able to get in there to do it.

I would recommend this saw to anyone who cuts a lot of larger sheet goods as the wider ripping capacity and the back and side table really make handling larger items a 1-man job. I no longer need to ask my wife to help me cut full sheets of plywood.

Grizzly table saw: options

Renowned for its robust build, powerful motor, and accurate cutting abilities, the grizzly table saw has become a staple in workshops and job sites around the world.

Powerful motor for smooth cuts

The Grizzly table saw boasts an impressive motor that delivers exceptional power, resulting in consistently smooth cuts. Equipped with a robust motor, this table saw effortlessly slices through various materials, including hardwoods and thick boards, with precision and ease.

The powerful motor not only facilitates efficient cutting but also ensures a consistent and reliable performance, even when tackling demanding projects. With this advanced motor technology, users can achieve clean, accurate cuts without any compromise on quality or efficiency. Whether you are a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, the powerful motor of the Grizzly table saw is an essential feature that enhances the overall cutting experience and ensures exceptional results.

Durable steel construction for longevity

The Grizzly table saw is engineered with a durable steel construction, providing a solid foundation for long-lasting performance. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the sturdy steel frame enhances the saw’s longevity, making it a reliable tool for years to come. The use of high-quality steel not only ensures the table saw’s durability but also enhances its stability, effectively reducing vibrations during operation.

This robust construction not only enhances the overall strength of the saw but also contributes to its exceptional accuracy and precision. With the Grizzly table saw’s durable steel construction, users can have confidence in their investment, knowing that it will withstand the rigors of demanding woodworking projects and deliver consistent, reliable results over time.

Accurate fence system for precision

The grizzly table saw features an innovative and accurate fence system that is designed to deliver unparalleled precision in woodworking tasks. The fence system is meticulously engineered to provide a stable and reliable guide for the material being cut, ensuring consistent and accurate results every time.

With its precise adjustments and secure locking mechanism, the fence system allows woodworkers to make intricate cuts with ease, achieving the desired dimensions and angles with utmost accuracy.

Whether working on intricate joinery or precise rip cuts, the grizzly table saw’s accurate fence system empowers woodworkers to achieve their vision with confidence and precision, making it an indispensable tool in any professional woodworking workshop.

Safety features for peace of mind

The grizzly table saw also prioritizes safety features for peace of mind during woodworking projects. With the inclusion of a highly responsive blade guard, woodworkers can work confidently knowing that their hands and fingers are protected from potential accidents.

The saw’s advanced anti-kickback pawls provide an additional layer of safety by preventing the material from being forcefully ejected towards the user. Additionally, the table saw is equipped with a reliable emergency stop button, allowing for immediate cessation of the blade’s rotation in case of an unforeseen hazard.

These safety features work harmoniously to ensure a secure and worry-free woodworking experience, allowing woodworkers to focus on their craftsmanship without compromising their well-being.

Versatile for various woodworking projects

The grizzly table saw is renowned for its versatility, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of woodworking projects. Whether you’re working on intricate cabinetry, precise joinery, or large-scale furniture pieces, this table saw offers the flexibility and precision needed to achieve exceptional results.

Its adjustable rip fence allows for accurate and consistent cuts, while the miter gauge enables precise angled cuts and crosscuts. The table saw’s powerful motor and sturdy construction ensure it can handle various materials, from hardwoods to plywood, with ease.

With its ability to adapt to different woodworking tasks, the grizzly table saw is a reliable and indispensable tool for any woodworker looking to tackle diverse projects with efficiency and precision.


In conclusion, the Grizzly table saw sets itself apart in the market for its powerful motor, accuracy, and safety features. As a professional woodworker, investing in a quality table saw is crucial to completing projects efficiently and effectively. With its sturdy construction and impressive capabilities, the Grizzly table saw is a top choice for any serious woodworker. Don’t settle for subpar tools when you can have the best with the Grizzly table saw.

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